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C&B Pictures is the product of an amazing friendship between Chris and Bryan. We met in college while studying for our Bachelor degrees. Our friendship grew over the years and we were both groomsmen at the other one's wedding. We have both lived in Bakersfield for several years and love the people of this town. Our location in the central valley affords us the ability to easily travel to some of the most beautiful places in California. We have Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Orange County to our south, the gorgeous California Coastline to our west, and Yosemite and Monterey to our north. We even have a few hidden gems in our own back yard for capturing great photos. We specialize in creating a high fashion appearance in our photographs, whether it is portraits, weddings, or boudoir.

Portraits Photography- Capturing the essence of a person is sometimes challenging, but always rewarding. We love customizing our photo sessions to our clients to create not just an image, but a work of art with all of their personality and uniqueness. We do this by meeting with you before your session to discuss your hobbies, likes, and desires. Learning these things gives us ideas and inspiration for your session and produce better photos in the end. We will even come to your home and help you hang the photos you have bought if you ask us to!

Wedding Photography- At a wedding, there is only one chance to get it right and we help you make sure that happens. With our years of experience photographing weddings and our education from top wedding professionsals, we ensure that we capture the photographs you want for your wedding to preserve those memories for years to come. We love the fast paced nature of weddings and being around people on the most beautiful and happiest day of their lives. Our style of posed and photo-journalistic photography gives a good balance for creating great portraits and not being intrusive while you celebrate your wedding. We then design an album with your photos to tell the story of your day to preserve the details and memories of your event.
Our wedding cinema team works hand in hand with us to deliver a great video with a unique feel as well. Creating a Hollywood feel for your wedding makes it an enjoyable experience you will want to watch for years to come and be proud to show friends and family.

Boudoir Photography- Yes we are two guys and that is our strength when photographing boudoir. We really believe that every woman is beautiful and we want to show them how beautiful they are. Booking a boudoir photographer can be very intimidating and we understand that. We have women on staff who can be present during your session if you desire. We love making women feel as sexy as they look. Whatever your reasons for booking a boudoir photographer, we would love to make it happen in a safe, clean, and friendly environment.
As with our portrait photo shoots, we love to customize our boudoir sessions to best express you. We will walk you through the entire process from picking outfits, shoes, and colors to the final prints to display your boudoir photos.

Bow-Tie Groom

Funny picture of a groom trying to slip a bow-tie over his head while preparing for his wedding at the Lodge at Four Seasons at City in the Hills. We suggest that all grooms watch this video to learn how to tie a bow tie. Chris, one of C&B's owners, loves to wear bow ties and can easily assist a groom on the wedding day to properly tie one. The theme of the wedding was Gatsby as put together by Shannon Hough Events and photographed by C&B Photography. We have had the fortune on several occasions to work with Shannon and love the work she does. Location: Bakersfield, CA. Keywords: Four Seasons (5), Groom (7), Preperation (2), Wedding (53).